Jerusalem world map

Jerusalem on world map. Jerusalem world map (Israel) to print. Jerusalem world map (Israel) to download. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem is one of the top Public universities in Jerusalem, Israel. It is ranked #=177 in QS Global World University Rankings 2021 as its shown in Jerusalem world map. The Hebrew University of Jerusalem was founded in 1918, 30 years before the state of Israel itself was established. It is the second oldest institution in the country, and is known as HUJI. It counts Albert Einstein and Sigmund Freud among the members of its first Board of Governors, and has continued to have a close relationship with some brilliant minds, counting seven Nobel Prizewinners among its faculty and alumni.

Jerusalem on world map

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The Hadassah Medical Centre at ʿEn Kerem, one of the most-advanced institutions of its kind in the world, treats patients from throughout Israel, as well as from the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and Jordan, as does the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus as you can see in Jerusalem world map. Other hospitals include Shaʿare Tzedeq, which pays special attention to the requirements of Orthodox Jews; Biqur Ḥolim; St. John’s Ophthalmic Hospital; Alyn for children with a variety of physical disabilities; an Arab Muslim hospital, Al-Maqāṣid al-Khayriyyah, at Al-Ṭūr; and an Arab Christian hospital, Al-Muṭallaʿ (Augusta Victoria Hospital), on the Mount of Olives, run by Lutheran organizations that mainly care for the Arab population.
Old synagogues and study houses in the Old City have been refurbished; particularly worthy of mention is the interconnected group of four synagogues begun in the 16th century by Jews exiled from Spain. Jerusalem is one of the world foremost centres of rabbinic learning and contains scores of yeshivas. Notable modern religious structures include the Jerusalem Great Synagogue and the synagogue and associated institutions of the followers of the Rebbe of Belz, a Hasidic rabbi whose court is in Jerusalem as its mentioned in Jerusalem world map.