Jerusalem quarters map

Four quarters of Jerusalem map. Jerusalem quarters map (Israel) to print. Jerusalem quarters map (Israel) to download. Jerusalem as a whole is separated into two very different areas: the “modern” city and the Old City, the former of which surrounds the latter. The Old City of Jerusalem is currently divided into the following four neighbourhoods, called quarters as its shown in Jerusalem quarters map: The Jewish Quarter, The Muslim Quarter, The Christian Quarter and The Armenian Quarter. Each quarter boasts its own collection of significant experiences so it is absolutely essential to explore them all equally. And thanks to the Old City small size (less than 1 square kilometre), you can absolutely manage to enjoy most (if not all) of the quarters over the course of a couple of days. Typically the first place you will see when you arrive in the Old City (it is just beyond Jaffa Gate – a common starting point), the Christian Quarter is home to one significant landmark in particular: the Church of the Holy Sepulchre.

Four quarters of Jerusalem map

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Known colloquially to its residents as HaRova, the Jewish Quarter lies in the southeastern section of the walled city and you can reach it from the outside via Dung Gate as its mentioned in Jerusalem quarters map. Much of the original quarter was destroyed during the 20th century but it would eventually be rebuilt under the supervision of the Israeli archaeologist Nhamn Avigad. The Muslim Quarter is actually the largest and most populated of the four neighbourhoods in the Old City. More than 22,000 people call this quarter home. In terms of sites to enjoy, nothing comes close to Temple Mount. The Armenian Quarter is criminally overlooked when it comes to experiences on offer in the Old City. Besides indulging in the charm of the quarter’s winding alleyways, there are three major locations to visit, two of which are churches: St. Mark Chapel, St. James Cathedral and the Armenian Compound.