Jerusalem walking tour map

Map of Jerusalem walking tour. Jerusalem walking tour map (Israel) to print. Jerusalem walking tour map (Israel) to download. Jerusalem walking tours are a great way to immerse yourself in the unique experience that a tour of Jerusalem provides. There are a huge range of walking tours of Jerusalem available, from the Old City to modern new city, and from a couple of hours to a full day, or longer, private or in a group. The original Free Tour starts at the Jaffa Gate and covers many of Jerusalem top attractions, including David Citadel and the four quarters of the Old City as its shown in Jerusalem walking tour map. Visit some incredible sites with the Holy City Tour, such as Temple Mount an the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, or explore the heart of ancient Jerusalem on the City of David tour. After that, why not visit the Mount of Olives on a tour that covers Mary tomb, the Church of All Nations and the Chapel of the Ascension.

Map of Jerusalem walking tour

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The Mount of Olives is a sacred site for Jews, Muslims and Christians alike, with Jews and Muslims believing it is where the gates of Heaven will open on Judgment Day. On this 3-hour walking tour leaving from the Jaffa Gate, join an experienced licensed guide to visit major sites such as Mary tomb and the Chapel of Ascension, and to take in the stunning views from the Mount of Olives as its mentioned in Jerusalem walking tour map. Just to the left of the Jaffa gate, you will see the tower of David, which has nothing to do with King David. Early pilgrims visiting the city read in their bibles that David built a tower and assumed that this must be it, but David city is outside the old walls to the south and down the hill from the old city. If you turn to the right from the Jaffa Gate and come around the Tower of David you can enter the Armenian quarter through the narrow Armenian Patriarchate St. The Armenians were the first country in the world to accept Christianity as a state religion and the Armenian quarter is one of the oldest areas in the Old City.