Jerusalem neighborhoods map

Map of Jerusalem neighborhoods. Jerusalem neighborhoods map (Israel) to print. Jerusalem neighborhoods map (Israel) to download. The city of Jerusalem, one of the oldest cities in the world with a vast historical past is situated on a plateau between the Judaean Mountains and the Dead Sea. Jerusalem is a holy city, filled with sites important to Jews, Christians, and Muslims. Beyond the historic Old City, Jerusalem has many diverse neighborhoods, areas, markets and more. From Nachlaot to Musrara and Downtown West Jerusalem, each area of the city offers its own unique vibe. For those planning to spend time in Jerusalem, it is worth exploring outside the walls of the Old City to see all that Jerusalem has to offer. Each of Jerusalem neighbourhoods has its own character, but all retain elements of the ancient city cultural history. Just a few minutes walk from downtown Jerusalem, the German Colony is most famous for the tiny cafés, independent restaurants, boutique hotels and trendy shops emerging from within the German Templar-style buildings that line its streets as its shown in Jerusalem neighborhoods map.

Map of Jerusalem neighborhoods

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The Old City is a real microcosm of old Jerusalem. More than 2,000 years old, this neighbourhood constituted the entirety of the city up until 1860. The Old City is surrounded by monumental defence walls that were built in 1541 by Suleiman the Magnificent. Technically, Machane Yehuda is part of the Nachla’ot neighbourhood, but as the Machane Yehuda Market – locally known as ‘The Shuk’ – is the central part of the area, it deserves its own mention. More like a village within a city, ‘Ein Kerem’ translates as ‘spring of the vineyard’ and offers an escape from the busy downtown area of Jerusalem as its mentioned in Jerusalem neighborhoods map. According to Christian tradition, it is the birthplace of John the Baptist and it is the location of two magnificent churches: the Church of St John the baptist and the Church of the Visitation. Located on the southwest fringes of the city, this small, historic neighbourhood offers breathtaking views of the Jerusalem hills.